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Gobernación de Tecnología de Información Service Strategy (SS) The ITIL® intermediate level course, Service Strategy (SS), presents in detail the Service Strategy .. Product #: F055 based on 0 reviews

Service Strategy (SS)

Marca: Gobernación de Tecnología de Información
Código del producto: F055
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The ITIL® intermediate level course, Service Strategy (SS), presents in detail the Service Strategy stage of the service lifecycle. It outlines this stage from a theoretical point of view and provides useful information for managing the complete stage, emphasizing its challenges, risks and critical success factors.

The candidate who takes this course will be clear about the elements and processes that are involved in the Service Strategy stage, besides he/she will have the knowledge needed to take the official certification exam.

To share, prove and validate the knowledge in the industry practices in service management and in the strategy according to the documented in the ITIL’s Service Strategy Improvement publication.
The training course covers the concepts in a management level and the core information of the support activities within service strategy, but not the specific details of each of the support processes.

This course is aimed to:

  • Chief information officers (CIOs), Chief technology officers (CTOs), Managers, Supervisory staff, Team leaders, Service designers, IT architects, IT planners, IT consultants, IT audit managers, IT security managers.
  • Individuals who require a deeper understanding of the ITIL service strategy stage and how activities in it may be implemented to enhance the quality of IT service management within an organization.
  • IT professionals working in roles associated with strategic planning, execution and control within a service-based business model, seeking an understanding of the concepts, processes, functions and activities involved in service strategy.
  • Individuals who have attained the ITIL Foundation Certificate and wish to advance to higher level ITIL certifications.

The participant who takes this training course and the certification exam must hold the ITIL® Foundation certificate. Certificate must be presented as evidence for exam registration.
It is also highly recommended that the participant:

  • Is familiar with the IT terminology and understands the context of Service Strategy within his/her own business environment.
  • Has any experience in the service management field within a service provider environment

The training course has the following characteristics:

  • It is based on AXELOS’ syllabus for the ITIL® Intermediate Service Strategy Certificate.
  • It is structured in thematic units, with a balance between theory and practice.
  • Includes a sample exam, prior to the certification exam.
  • Includes an official certification exam issued by AXELOS.
  • A certificate of course completion is delivered.
  • The length is 4 days.
  • 8 additional hours of personal study during the course are recommended.
  • Has a minimum requirement of 6 and a maximum of 25 participants.

Our instructors are certified in different ITSM disciplines and have extensive experience in:

  • The design and implementation of IT service management processes based on industry best practices in public and/or private organizations.
  • The selection, implementation and configuration of tools which support the IT processes.
  • Teaching various ITSM courses in the academic and professional fields.
  • Audits of IT service management systems.
  • The participant receives a high quality student handout.
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